Riding the Whirlwind

Life has sent me a continual string of surprises, mostly great ones, thank God. I’ve been commuting from Dallas to LA for the recording sessions and getting VERY familiar with the big blue bus in the sky (Southwest Airlines). The commuting is making the recording take a while but we’re moving right along with the first two songs, What Would I Have to Do, a bluesy, R&B, (and real fun to play) “Heart break” song and Sand Castles, a soulful ballad. Our plan is to release these as singles. At the current pace we will look to be finishing them by mid-summer. I’m so excited by how well the tracks are coming along and it’s driving me nuts to stick with our plan to not put any “samples” out until they are ready for release. I’m so happy with them (The rough mixes and scratch tracks) that I want to play them from a giant loudspeaker mounted on the roof of my house, but I’ll resist.

Change of Venue, Change of Fate

This project has really taken on a life of its own. The original studio tracking day was actually canceled but for the best of reasons. I was in CA. helping my Step-Daughter with a project. While on the trip I took the opportunity to visit an old friend. His name is Magic and he also happens to be the man who was the Producer/Engineer for us when I was recording at A&M Records with Nightwatch.

I had no expectations or intentions for the visit other than personal friendship, but as we talked and I played a little for him (out of excitement for the session scheduled for the next week), it became abundantly clear that Magic was supposed to be a part of this and when he made it clear he was interested it was like in the Godfather: It was an offer I couldn’t refuse (or at least would have been a fool to refuse).

So now the first tracking date has been moved back until the end of this month when I will start a series of trips, commuting to LA to record. To be back behind a microphone with Magic running the session is good fortune beyond my wildest hopes.

So, I guess my music venture will now be split between Dallas and LA. My current intention (stipulating that things have been changing and improving on an almost hourly basis) is to develop a live show capability in both Dallas and LA. The logistics are daunting but at least at this time it feels like the right way to go.

More will be revealed

Wes Graham


I’m Not Afraid

I’m Not Afraid is a song I wrote about ultimate love and ultimate loss. With the clarity of hindsight I realize that, at the time, I had no idea what love and loss really were. Now after many years and much damage, older, and hopefully wiser, I can truly comprehend the words of my younger self.

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I’m Not Afraid MP3

On The Edge

This one is special:

and I thought it had been lost forever but Dave found a single copy. Of all the spectacular and varied songs written by Dave Bruce this is my personal favorite.

I honestly don’t know what inspired Dave to write this song but it surely would be an interesting story. On The Edge is, in my opinion, his most enigmatic and unrelentingly dark creation. Dave’s evocative lyrics with Bob Oates’s haunting guitar work bring to life the voice of a crushed soul, wailing from the abyss of a life completely destroyed.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you On The Edge


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On The Edge .MP3

Radical Touch

When I first started this project I uploaded a version of Radical Touch, a song co-written by myself and Colleen Weiss. When I reconnected with David Allen Bruce he had some cleaner recordings and I’ve decided to replace some of older posts. The audio on this is far superior to the previous version so turn it up and enjoy the crunch


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Radical Touch MP3



Beyond and Back

Nightwatch had its origins in a merger of the groups Archer and Lazerwind. Beyond and Back is a song from Archer that we brought into Nightwatch. Written by Bob Oates, to me it epitomizes his ability to “paint” with words, evoking emotion without any specific story line in the lyric allowing the listener to free associate and create their own story. (Very Psychedelic)


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Beyond and Back