I’m Not Afraid

I’m Not Afraid is a song I wrote about ultimate love and ultimate loss. With the clarity of hindsight I realize that, at the time, I had no idea what love and loss really were. Now after many years and much damage, older, and hopefully wiser, I can truly comprehend the words of my younger self.

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I’m Not Afraid MP3


On The Edge

This one is special:

and I thought it had been lost forever but Dave found a single copy. Of all the spectacular and varied songs written by Dave Bruce this is my personal favorite.

I honestly don’t know what inspired Dave to write this song but it surely would be an interesting story. On The Edge is, in my opinion, his most enigmatic and unrelentingly dark creation. Dave’s evocative lyrics with Bob Oates’s haunting guitar work bring to life the voice of a crushed soul, wailing from the abyss of a life completely destroyed.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you On The Edge


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On The Edge .MP3