Babies Got A Most Peculiar Way

Babies Got A Most Peculiar Way is one of Dave Bruce’s songs. This is the only recording of it that I know of. It was part of that last rehearsal studio live recording we did. I apologize again for the poor audio quality but this was live and the tapes have degraded over the years.

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Baby’s Got A Most Pecular Way(Live)



Till Death Do Us Part

Near the end of Nightwatch’s career we did a “live” recording session in our rehearsal studio. At the time we didn’t know it but this would be the last recording of Nightwatch. It is actually my favorite. Our studio recordings were more refined but these three songs are, in my opinion, the best examples of Nightwatch at full roar. We recorded three songs: Till Death Do Us Part, Babies Got A Most Peculiar Way and She Don’t Care. I’ve cleaned up the recordings as best I can and I’m creating presentations so you can read the lyrics. (It was just a one shot practice recording) The first one I’ve finished is Till Death Do Us Part, of all the songs I’ve written this one is the one I’m most proud of. I hope you enjoy it.
Wes Graham

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Till Death Do Us Part(Live)