Sand Castles

Sand Castles

Sand Castles is one of my songs (Music and lyrics) that I performed both as a solo act and with Nightwatch.

The recording I found is of me and Andy Patterson performing with just piano and drums.  Andy was in several “versions” of Lazerwind, Nightwatch and we often would do shows as just a duet.  I always loved performing with Andy. On the drums he was like a mind reader, able to stick with me no matter where I went with a song. (and with me that could be a challenge) His singing voice was an awesome match with mine and when we sang together it always felt “just right.”

When Nightwatch would do longer format shows we would “bring it down” and do acoustic/unplugged songs to separate what was essentially the 1st and 2nd act. Sand Castles was a regularly featured song for these quiet sections.

The photo I’ve used in this post is during one of these quite sections, on one of my all-time favorite (Nightwatch) stage sets. (That’s Bob Oats on the acoustic guitar) All the usual equipment, amplifiers, etc. were kept off stage,out of sight, giving the stage a very open feel. I particularly loved the 9’ grand piano that came up through the stage on an elevator.

Sand Castles- Wes Graham


Radical Touch


Nightwatch - Radical Touch

Radical Touch was one of the earlier recordings done after Nightwatch was formed. I composed the music and the lyrics were written by a good friend of mine from high school, Coleen Weiss. She later came onboard with Nightwatch as a backing vocalist and it’s her voice you hear doing some of those amazing, wailing riffs in some of our later recordings.

Another interesting story about Radical Touch; when performing this song I would sometimes get a little “overly enthusiastic,”  several times I actually broke strings in our CP80 Stage Piano and once even dislocated the index finger of my right hand. (luckily at the end of the show)

Nightwatch – Radical Touch